About Us

Australian Tonewoods is a premier supplier of quality instrument timbers to luthiers world wide. We strive to source & mill tonewoods of exceptionally high quality at very competitive prices for acoustic steel & classical guitars, archtops, folk instruments, mandolins, electric guitars, ukuleles and weissenborns.

We offer a diverse range of species, including:

  • Silver Wattle
  • Native Olive
  • Tasmanian Blackwood
  • Tasmanian Myrtle
  • WA Flame & Lace Sheoak
  • Queensland Maple
  • Red, Sitka, Swiss Spruce
  • Mulga, Wandoo & Minneritchi
  • Blackheart Sassafras
  • Huon Pine
  • WA Sheoak
  • Cocobolo, Ziricote and Big Leaf Maple

We also mill a selection of Australian desert hardwoods which are well-suited as bridges or fretboards. From time to time we list minor or rare species such as Tiger Myrtle, and Master Grades of the species listed above on our Australian Tonewoods Preferred Vendor site at the ANZLF.


Please follow the user-friendly process on this site. Prior to confirming your order online you may wish to send us an email with your specific requests. If eCommerce isn't your thing then we also welcome your order by phone or fax:

  • In Australia please dial 6278 2187
  • International callers please dial 6278 2187

Pricing, Postage & Payments

Our default pricing is Australian Dollars. Alternate prices in US Dollars,Great British Punds and Euros can be selected from the Currencies drop-down box at the top of the page.

Domestic shipping costs are calculated added to your order before you confirm.

For overseas orders we recommend you contact us via email for a quote on shipping.

Orders can be paid online using our very secure PayPal service. (Please note: it is possible for clients to use the PayPal service without being a registered member ofPayPal).


We trust you'll enjoy your visit!

Tim Spittle