About Australian Tonewoods

Australian Tonewoods is a boutique supplier of wood.

We have supplied a broad range of domestic and imported wood used in the construction of musical instruments for 20 years. Originally located in Perth Western Australia, we are now operating in Deloraine, Tasmania.

Our tonewood is sourced from northwest Tasmania, northern NSW, Queensland and the midwest region of WA. Our meticulous selection and processing of cants and flitches provide the customer with well-quartered and seasoned back and side sets, bridges, fingerboards and tops. A lot of attention is taken to avoid defects and spiral sections to maintain wood stability.

We also maintain a supply of imported wood and are happy to source any species upon request. This excludes CITES-listed species. That being said, the supply of traditional timbers is becoming more difficult to source, so we have and are actively seeking alternative local timbers that meet the specific requirements for tone, stability and aesthetic preferences. We also have some flexibility to provide custom-sized material and processing services.