Tiger Myrtle Sets, Log Harvesting, West Coast Blackwood Salvage and Specials

New listings: Tiger Myrtle Sets from my reserve stocks. Very Limited supplies!

Tiger Myrtle D/OM/000 Guitar Sets
Tiger Myrtle Parlour Guitar Sets
Tiger Myrtle Ukulele Sets

Breaking down there Poplar Tree

A local farm tree due for removal was acquired for a range of guitar components including solid body blanks. At 440 kg/m3 Poplar has good stability, fine grain and finishing properties. Solid-body blanks should be available during ’23.

Sectioning the log
Now we have some millable sections!

More to follow… milling….

Carve top figured poplar matched pair are on sale now for $99

Sinker Blackwood from the Arthur

West Coast Salvaged Blackwood from the Arthur River. Whilst they are seasoned logs they will need racking out to eliminate the free moisture. They will be processed in a couple of months.


Black Walnut back and side sets 30% off

Poplar Carve Top Pairs discounted to $99

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